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Welcome to the world of newborn photography.


My diary can fill up quickly, so to ensure you manage to secure a place in my diary please book in as soon as you are certain you would like to book. Many parents book in just after there 20 week scan. This ensures a place in my diary close to your due date. If your baby is already here and you have not booked. Please get in touch to see if I have any availability. Sessions should ideally take place when baby is under 21 days old. However do not despair if you have a baby a little older than this and you have only just discovered the art of newborn photography. I have posed babies up to 10 weeks with success and am quite well known for photographing older babies. These sessions may take a little longer and it may not be possible to get those prop shots but you will still go away with a full and beautiful gallery. 


Preferable styles

Bespoke newborn photography is very different from that of which you would experience on the high street. The session will be tailor made towards your taste and preferences. It is always a good idea to think about where you would like to display your photographs in your home. So think about colour that you would like to be used in your session. I plan and prepare my session in advance so it is very important to let me know of any particular preferences that you would like in good time well before the session. When you book I will ask you to send me your preferences for props and colour schemes that you would like. I like to prepare the studio prior to the session so that I will have each blanket and prop set up and arranged in an order that is easy for me to transition baby with minimum disturbance. It is important for me to work quickly and efficiently whilst baby is sleeping peacefully, meaning time is spent wisely and not wasted searching for other props during the session. Alternatively many parents will quite happily leave all the planning to me which also works well.

Maxine Sarah Photography

Session time.

The average session will usually be two and half to three hours. I like to allocate four hours for a session just in case we do have a baby that will like to feed more often and have difficulty in settling. I work solely around the baby’s needs, nappy changing, feeding, cuddles to help sooth and settle them all take up quite a lot of time but don’t worry you will not be bored, the session will fly by. I work in a relaxed and informal setting, the studio will be very warm as baby will need to be kept cosy and comfortable ensuring they will sleep like a baby! 

Maxine Sarah Photography

Parent and sibling shots.

If you would like parent and sibling shots it is important to let me know when booking so that I can prepare the studio before hand for family shots. If you would like other children in the session please be aware that 4 hours is a long time for young children. Arrangements may need to be made for young children to either attend towards the end or the beginning of the session so that they will not get bored and disturb baby throughout the session. This is particularly important with very young children under five. This is where Grandparents really come in handy.

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To ensure that your images remain timeless I advise parents to think about the outfits that you are going to be worn. Plain colours work well particularly black or white. If you prefer colour then I suggest you colour co-ordinate, avoid busy patterns or printed T-Shirts.

Maxine Sarah Photography

Preparing for the session.

Our aim is for baby to fall into a deep sleep throughout the session we will probably start the session with a feed. A full baby is a sleepy baby. Dress baby in loose fitting clothes that you will be able to easily remove, this will ensure there will be no red marks on baby’s skin.

Maxine Sarah Photography

What will I need to bring?

You will need to bring plenty of milk, more is better than not enough as baby will probably feed more than usual during the session. Spare nappies, wipes, baby blanket and of course dummies if they use them. It is advisable to bring a little oil/vaseline and cotton wool if baby tends to have flaky skin, this can also be done before you leave home. You may want to bring a special toy or blanket that you would like to be featured in some of the images.  Please feel free to bring yourself a picnic. A newborn session can be hungry work for parents and this is also your chance to sit back and relax whilst I look after baby.

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Even if you do not give your baby a dummy/pacifier it is a good idea to bring one to the session. This is a huge help to sooth baby during the session, and can make the session quicker and more straight forward rather than constant feeding that can sometimes occur. As it is used for such a short time baby will not become reliant on it if you prefer your baby not to have one. Some babies just settle better with a dummy/pacifier during the session.

Maxine Sarah Photography

Your newborn session pays for the following.

My time and experience.

A watermarked sneak peek preview on facebook usually with in two days.

Preparation and planning for the session.

It takes quite some time to edit a full gallery, I erase any imperfection that baby may have. At this age little milk spots, scratches and rashes are quite common.

A personal viewing approximately one/two weeks after your session. 

 Approximately 30 to 40 images images to choose from.

A facebook banner, the perfect way to introduce your little one to family and friends.

You will find the studio warm and inviting. It’s a good idea to wear layers of clothing so that you can remove the layers as you may find it very warm.  Coffee and tea, and cold drinks are also supplied.

Maxine Sarah Photography


Session fee is required when booking, this will secure your date in my diary.  

                                       Due to cancellations having a huge impact on my diary 48 hours must be given when cancelling.          


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