How to Prepare for your Older baby & Family Portrait Session

How to prepare for your older baby & family session. 

Hooray! ! I am so happy that you have decided to book your older baby & family session with me. I’m so excited to meet you and my goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with your decision that you chose me to be your photographer at this special time. In order to prepare for your older baby’s portrait photoshoot here is a brief summary of what you should bring and what to expect.  This session is designed to be easy, fun and stress free. I want you to enjoy it and leave with a smile on your face.

Sitter sessions usually last between up to 2 hours in the studio. Babies older than four months have a very short attention span so I tend to work pretty quickly to get the shots that we need to create some magic memories for you and your family.  For baby’s that are are already sitting up securely we will be able to do quite a few various different set ups & clothing changes as long as baby is comfortable and happy enough to allow it. I work solely following baby’s lead. They rule the show and I happy to go along with that! For babies that are four to six months old they tire much quicker and are not so happy to be placed in props etc so much of the session will be with more natural posed laying down shots along with some ‘arty’ style set ups. I will capture all of their tiny details. Parent and sibling shots are included. I am a huge advocate in parent shots. It is so important to capture this time with your little one not only for yourselves but for when your little one will be an adult. It’s a special feeling when you are looking at photographs of yourself with your parents of days gone by! 

My purpose built studio contains everything we need for your session. I will ask you to bring some outfits along with you but you will also be able to choose form a range of different outfits, backdrops and props, etc. I like to create images that will remain timeless and will look great on your wall. I usually like to incorporate a range of dark backgrounds along with light but if you would rather have one of the other then this is  also definitely something we can do. I want you to relax and enhoy your session. This is all about you and creating beautiful photographs for you to be able to look back on with a smile and happy memories. 

What to bring
  • Please bring milk and snacks, change of clothes, and dummy (if required).
  • Bring some toys that are familiar and are a comfort for the baby/child. We may not need to use them but if we do they can also be a lovely memory to capture in a photograph.
  • While I have a selection of outfits for most ages I will ask you to bring along a selection of clothing for your little ones. It’s better to come well prepared with a large selection for us to choose from rather than not enough. Colour co-ordinate outfits for family photos. They don’t have to all be the same colour but complimenting colours work well. No logos or overly patterned clothing. These tend to detract from the Tip ~ please iron clothes. I can’t edit out creases in clothes. If you are investing in a professional photoshoot it’s worth putting in the effort with the little details. Creased clothes do not look good on camera
Anything goes in the studio. (within reason!)
Although I wouldn’t ordinarily encourage bribery in the studio I feel it is sometimes the only way forward! Anything to get the best out of your child on the day we will do!
We will arrange a time that is suitable for baby. Avoiding nap time is a must! A tired baby is not a happy baby so please make sure baby is well rested. Making sure everyone is well fed and well napped will help. If your baby allows it, go ahead and sit down on the settee while we try to entertain them with our (sure to be ridiculous) antics. if you’re standing behind me, your little one is going to stare at you the whole time, and we always hope for good eye contact with the camera so I want you to sit with me at camera level if you can.

Stay positive and relaxed!

Babies and children can pick up on your anxiety and stress. I can’t stress enough how much I want you to relax and enjoy your time. Nothing should be stressful, just relax and enjoy your time. If your child is having a ‘moment’ we will let them have it! My own child has additional needs, he has autism and is non-verbal along with a learning difficulty and extreme behavioural challenges. We have been through the most stressful situations you can imagine whilst out and about. Nothing that happens in the photography studio even comes close to stressful so please don’t worry about your child having a moment or not playing ball. I will be relaxed at all times and I want you to feel the same.

If there is a particular set up that you would like that you have seen on my website or social media pages, please let me know in good time before your session.

What should we wear?

Please no logos! Logos will not look good and are not timeless and please no jogging bottoms for men.

The aim is to colour coordinate. You don’t have to stick to the exact same colours but be mindful to stick to the same colour palette so that you will compliment each other.

Most Important!

Enjoy the moment. This is you loving and enjoying your time with your family. This is our time to capture special memories and create beautiful images for you to have and keep forever.

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