Baby safety in Newborn Photography.

It is so worrying to think that parents are handing their newborns over to people with little or no experience in the art of newborn posing. In recent weeks it has come to light that there have been two incidents in photo shoots where the babies safety has been compromised and left the new mum’s horrified. Unfortunately it is now quite common to see many people advertising themselves as baby photographers with little or no experience.

With the growing popularity of newborn photography in recent years it is easy to forget the important things that you need to consider when choosing your newborn photographer. Baby safety should be your chosen newborn photographers first and main priority. Babies are the most precious gift we are given and when choosing your newborn photographer you need to trust and feel certain that your baby is in safe hands. Before booking your newborn photographer please do your research. A photographer that specialises in newborn photography will be experienced and have had training that will enable them to know how to handle a baby safely. They will follow certain techniques and safety procedures to create those lovely sleepy shots that you have seen. There is a certain amount of skill and expertise that goes into a newborn session. It’s not just about placing baby on a blanket or in a basket and taking the shot.

Many shots taken by an experienced professional newborn photographer will be what is known as a composite shot or an edited shot. You will only see baby in the shot but really the parent or ‘spotter’ that will be safely supporting baby will have been removed/edited out of the image.


By having a ‘spotter’ or parent close by and supporting baby the baby is safe at all times.


Here baby is in fact  laying on a blanket and not suspended in mid air!


Parents and non-experienced photographers may not realise how these shots are done and try to re-create them themselves thinking they can save themselves money on a newborn session. People may think going with a cheaper photographer who offer  all images on a disc at a very low cost may be the best option. However I would be very wary of choosing this type of photographer. There’s many thing to think about. How many newborn shoots have they actually done, are they insured, are they experienced in baby handling, have they had any training? These are only a few of the questions you should be asking. Unfortunately in my experience you really do get what you pay for. Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

I am a proud member of an organisation in the UK called BANPAS. They are The Baby And Newborn Photographers Association In order to become a member you have to provide your insurance and also be able to prove that you are knowledgable and practise safe baby handling and posing.

Please do your research when booking your newborn photographer. Your baby is precious, far too precious to be handed over to somebody with little or no experience.



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